How to make Bone Broth

Bone broth

As the months start to get cooler it’s time to bring out the ol’ broth (or stock) recipes. I love the stuff! Warm and comforting. Soothes a sore throat and cures the aches. And it really is so very simple to make. There are a myriad of reasons bone broth is so very good for you! Food really can be your medicine. Bone broth is good because:

  • plentiful minerals and trace minerals in a form that the body can easily assimilate
  • glucosamine and chondroitin for bone and joint health
  • natural gelatine for digestive health
  • nutrients that help combat stress and nervous tension
  • amino acids that have anti-inflammatory and liver-protective action and that promote soft tissue
  • collagen and cartilage repair
  • provides the building blocks for the rapidly growing cells of the gut lining
  • reduces inflammation and ‘leaky gut’
  • Source: Nourish Your Health 

There really is no substitute for flavour and a reason your grand mother made whether she knew it or not. It makes a whole other meal out of your roast chicken dinner too so you have the added bonus of no waste (a pet hate here at Loose Produce). So here’s how to make bone broth. This recipe courtesy of our very own Merry Skinner, the powerhouse behind Loose Produce.

Bone Broth Recipe


  • Organic beef bones or chicken carcass
  • Filtered water
  • You can also add vegetables to taste


  1. Roast bones in oven at 180 deg c 45 mins. Why? It’s a  flavour thing. This recipe also works if you don’t roast your bones
  2. Remove from oven pan and place in your slow cooker
  3. Cover with water 3-4L depending on slow cooker size
  4. Cook 14-24hrs on low
  5. Strain and consume or freeze for later

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Local VS Organic?

Local VS Organic

When it comes to purchasing fruit and vegetables, there’s nothing quote like the local farmers market on the weekend. There’s something I love about meeting the people who grow the food I put into my body . I know exactly where my food is coming from! However whilst some foods are not organic at the markets, I still prefer to purchase local food over organic and here are a few reasons why:

Food miles
Ever heard of the term? It basically means the physical kilometres your food has clocked up getting to you. For example, an organic lemon from the US will have travelled a lot further than the one from Malaga, WA or your backyard. This includes the fossil fuels it took to get it from A to B plus the added nasties of length of time in storage and gases used to delay ripening.

Buy local
I love supporting local businesses for obvious reasons. Purchasing food from local producers means money and jobs stay in WA. I enjoy the relationship and community I have with those producers. This creates a closed loop relationship with the food I consume, something I think we seem to be losing as a society.

Buy fresh, buy seasonal
Food that is consumed close to when it has been picked is fresher and more nutritious. Local produce is fresher than its imported counterparts! It amazes me that we are able to purchase mangos out of season. Our bodies are more in-tune with whats going on around them than you’d think and the natural cycle of produce is perfectly designed to support our health.

You can find a great list of farmers markets and organic stores in and around the Perth metro area here.

Some extra reading to help you on your way to better decision making!

How to make nut milk

How to nut milk

There are heaps of different brands available of pre-made nut milks, but you’ll never quite know what goes into them unless you’re making it yourself. It’s so super easy and we stock both a great range of nuts as well as nut milk bags right here at Loose Produce. No excuses really. Go nuts.

How to make Nut Milk


  • 1 cup nuts. You can use any kind. Experiment! Almond, cashews and hazelnuts are our fave. Or why not mix them!
  • 1 tblsp lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
  • 1 pinch salt
  • honey to taste
  • 3 to 4 cups filtered water


  • 1 nut milk bag
  • 1 blender


  1. Soak nuts in water and lemon overnight
  2. Rinse well, add to your blender
  3. Add filtered water, honey and salt, blend
  4. Put through nut milk bag
  5. Squeeze!
  6. Store in fridge in 3 – 5 days or freeze in ice cube trays/jars
  7. Use as you would your normal milk. On your homemade granola, in your cups of tea, in baking, in your smoothies….the list is endless.

How do you make your nut milk?

How to activate nuts

How to activate nuts

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about activated nuts…if not you’ve probably seen them at your local health food shop and noticed the higher prices. Let me tell you a secret. You can do it yourself. And it’s super easy. Here’s how to activate nuts and why they’re better for you activated.

Why bother?

Nuts and seeds are a great source of protein, healthy fats, fibre and important minerals such as zinc, calcium and magnesium. However they also contain a couple of ingredients (phytic acid is one) that reduce the body’s ability to absorb the good stuff properly. Activating your nuts breaks down this acid giving your body better access to what it needs.

Here’s how:

  1. Soak your nuts in filtered water preferably overnight.
  2. Drain and rinse.
  3. Dehydrate over night using either your dehydrator or your oven on the lowest setting.
  4. Test them as you go. They need to be completely dry before you take them out for they’ll go moody. Gross.
  5. Munch til you’ve hearts delight. Use them as you normally would, in baking, raw foods or as a snack. There are some tasty variations as well!


  1. Sweet tooth? Once your nuts have been soaked and drained, pop them in a bowl with cinnamon and rice malt syrup and give them a good stir. Dehyrate as normal.
  2. Tamari and salt is great for those savoury fans.
  3. Apple cider vinegar and salt.
  4. Coconut oil and curry powder

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BY Coffee: The new kids on the block.

Loose Produce have started stocking a new coffee this month.

It’s BY Coffee (Backyard Coffee) and it’s Organic, Fair Trade, Locally Roasted and very hard to stop at one cup.


BY Coffee works hard to ensure, first hand, that all their beans are ethically sourced.

“We will continue to find new ways to know our coffee producers through visiting their plantations & communities, learning about growing principles and sharing in healthy international relationships.”

Then they take the beans and roast them right here in WA!

“We employ a ‘hands-on’ approach to roasting our coffee so that you get coffee that you love. Roasting locally means that everyone who uses our coffee, experiences the delight of the intricate, delicious flavours within freshly roasted beans.”

They know and love their coffee and trust me,  it shows.

We are currently stocking three fabulous different blends:




Come in and have a taste (and a smell) it’s smooth, it’s rich and it’s fantastic!

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