11 Hot Solutions for Using Your Coffee Grounds

Coffee Solutions

If you love coffee then you’ve done away with instant years ago and invested in a fresh roast method. Having improved your life (by a trillion times), it’s now just a matter of what to do with those grounds!

Around-the-Home Brew

  1. Wake up and smell the coffee

Coffee Smells Great. Place a small open container in your fridge or freezer to absorb smells.

  1. Be abrasive

Grounds are naturally abrasive, so using them as a scrub to remove heavy-duty grease build up is a neat way to clean green. Get those barbecues ready for summer!

Coffee Bean Garden Buzz

  1. Acid lovin’ friends

Azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, roses and other acid loving plants will benefit from the nitrogen and potassium in your spent coffee grounds. By adding a little lime or wood ash to the mix, you’ll have a complete fertilizer.

  1. Go to ground.

Introducing coffee grounds to your compost heap will add nitrogen to your compost, an important nutrient to help your composting microbes thrive. not too much though, they can get out of hand! (Get some cool compost balance tips here.)

  1. Pest Control

Sprinkle grounds around the base of your plants to deter small pests like ants, slugs and snails. Mixing with orange peel or rosmary oil is even said to deter cats and other small mammals!

The Bean of Natural Beauty

  1. Percolate and exfoliate

Coffee grounds are a fabulous exfoliant for your skin. Mix a few teaspoons into a dollop of your favourite body lotion for a magnificent foot scrub. Wipe off and reveal fresh feeling (and smelling) feet.

  1. Awaken your skin

Caffeine is absorbed through the skin and is used in many commercial beauty treatments. Create your own rejuvenating facial by mixing grounds with a few dollops of firm coconut cream and a tablespoon of honey for an all-natural alpha-hydroxy and antioxidant home facial.

  1. Hair and scalp often collects residual build up from hair care products. Massage a handful of grounds into dry hair, paying particular attention to the scalp, shake out and shampoo as normal. You may want to perform this exercise in the warm afternoon sun to keep escaped grounds outdoors.

Get Crafty

  1. Vintage Dyeing

Resoak your grounds in water to give you a dye which can turn your tired white blouse or shirt to a golden vintage.

  1. Century Paper

Use some coffee grounds in half a cup of water to create the essential aged look for your lost letter or treasure map. Dip the paper through the solution. Lay flat and sprinkle a few wet grounds on a corner or two. The speckled areas give it a nice variation and add to its yesteryear look.

  1. Burning the candle at both ends

Make your own candles with the energizing aroma of a fresh brew by adding grounds. A great way to upcycle your burned down candle ends as well as creating a funky scented décor item. Be sure you have a length of wick. Melt your candle ends in a small saucepan over low heat, Sprinkle a couple of teaspoons of grounds into an old martini glass or other wide mouthed vessel. Pour in the melted wax in slowly and place the wick into the centre of your speakeasy-meets-café candle.

Whatever you decide to do with those delicious-smelling, nutritionally rich grounds – DON’T put them down the sink. Coffee grounds are not good for your plumbing or our water-ways. As you can see, there are plenty of fun, and practical, ways to ensure your grounds’ disposal serves you up with another delicious solution.

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Your guide to gut health

Gut Health

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the latest news in gut health and why it’s so important for the rest of your body to function. Improving your gut health has been proved to boost your immune system, eliminate toxins, reduce allergies, elevate your mood, normalise your weight and the list goes on! Upping your fibre intake can improve your gut health with products such as psyllium husks and chia and drinking bone broth. Eating fermented foods is another way! Fermenting terms such as kombucha, kimchi, kefir, jun are being dropped into more conversations than I can throw a cabbage at.

We spoke to Kim Veale from Organic Training Solutions and she took us through how to make Sauerkraut in your very own kitchen. She also showed us a bunch of other experiments on her kitchen bench including beetroot kvass! Check out the video…

No time for DIY sauerkraut? We stock a bunch of amazing products in store that can improve your gut health at Loose Produce. Some of these include Kehoe’s Kitchen Sauerkraut, Chia Company Chia Seeds, Remedy Kombucha, Honest to Goodness Apple Cider VinegarFoleys Ferments (sauerkraut), Kvass by Bio Beet, Loose Produce’s house made grass fed organic bone broth, slippery elm powder, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.  We’re open Monday through Friday 730am-530pm and Saturday’s 9am-5pm.

World Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day

Three words:  World. Chocolate. Day.

Put together are these not three of the best words ever?

Lets talk about chocolate, and how to enjoy it without the guilt or post splurge sugar coma. Chocolate comes from Cocao, which is a tree.   That makes it a plant.  Therefore, chocolate counts as salad!  You’re welcome.

Seriously though, there are plenty of nutrients and antioxidants up for grabs if you get the right stuff.

Cacao, the star of the show, is the raw form of cocoa…notice the “a’s” and the “o’s” are switched around there.  The cacao bean is full of antioxidants, healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein, as well as minerals such calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium.  It also contains lots of lovely energy enhancing B vitamins.

The darker the chocolate, the more concentrated the cacao will be.

This is the same cacao that has been linked with lowering high blood pressure.   The same cacao again that can also help to boost mood by raising levels of our happy hormone serotonin.  And wait for it, it has also been shown to help with weight-loss too!  This is due to its fibre and chromium content.  Amazing.

Too much of a good thing is never great though; apparently the lethal dose of chocolate for a human being is 10kg.  Or 40 Hershey bars.  That’s a lot of chocolate!  Not that you’ll be reaching for the Hersheys though when you can make your own delicious, healthy version at home in two minutes flat with this Raw Chocolate recipe.

Happy World Chocolate Day everyone!

Lots of love,


Guest Author Bio
Kirsten Swales is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist who is passionate about health. She is currently working from Bali where she is studying for her Yoga Teacher Training. She is passionate about good food and good chocolate! Find more about Kirsten and pinch her healthy recipes here.

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