BY Coffee: The new kids on the block.

Loose Produce have started stocking a new coffee this month.

It’s BY Coffee (Backyard Coffee) and it’s Organic, Fair Trade, Locally Roasted and very hard to stop at one cup.


BY Coffee works hard to ensure, first hand, that all their beans are ethically sourced.

“We will continue to find new ways to know our coffee producers through visiting their plantations & communities, learning about growing principles and sharing in healthy international relationships.”

Then they take the beans and roast them right here in WA!

“We employ a ‘hands-on’ approach to roasting our coffee so that you get coffee that you love. Roasting locally means that everyone who uses our coffee, experiences the delight of the intricate, delicious flavours within freshly roasted beans.”

They know and love their coffee and trust me,  it shows.

We are currently stocking three fabulous different blends:




Come in and have a taste (and a smell) it’s smooth, it’s rich and it’s fantastic!

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