Coconut Oil

A friend of mine asked me why I had two 1 Litre tubs of Coconut Oil in my kitchen and one in my bathroom.

‘What on Earth do you use all that for?’ She asked…

‘What don’t I use it for?!’ I replied. ‘I use it for EVERYTHING!’


It has been called The Healthiest Oil on Earth, The Fountain of Youth, The King of Oils, Nature’s Drugstore and The Miracle Oil (to name a few) and I can honestly understand why.

I have replaced every oil in my kitchen with Coconut Oil and food has never been so light and tasty. Fried food no longer makes me feel sick and my raw food would be lost without it. My smoothies are now extra, extra smooth and home baking has become a relatively guilt free eating experience.

In the bathroom, all my moisturisers are obsolete and my skin has never been so clear and soft. My leave-in hair conditioners have found new homes and my hair is obviously grateful. I use it in place of nappy cream, to treat eczema, small wounds and burns, dandruff, dry cuticles, cracked heels, even to keep fleas off my pets!

I use it for EVERYTHING.

Thanks to our friends at Niulife here is a little look at where this incredible product comes from and how it is produced…

DME Pictorial Flow ChartScreen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.05.14 AM

It really is a wonder of ancient science. See for yourself! Come in to Loose Produce and grab a tub today.

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