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Plastic Free July


Did you know that Plastic Free July is nearly here?

For those that don’t know, Plastic Free July is a month long challenge to go plastic free. Sounds easy right? Remember to take your reusable shopping bags right? Wrong. When I first stubbled across the challenge I thought it would be a piece of cake…little did I know. Plastic is all around us. Everywhere! And the more I tried to avoid it, the more I saw it. It’s startling once you begin looking for it.

Here are a couple of tips that helped me on my way:

  • Get organised! The Plastic Free July website has a whole bunch of amazing resources that you can learn from. Read over it. Ponder. Look stuff up.
  • Buy some glass containers. Yes they’re more expensive but they’ll last longer. And they’re glass. These are my faves.
  • Think of July as a social experiment. It is amazing the conversations that come out of it and the things you learn. Trying new products and exploring places in Perth I’d never been to was one of my favourite parts.
  • Can’t do a month? Sign up for a fortnight. Too much? Try a week. Have a go.

This is a great initiative and an awesome eye-opening challenge.¬†We love the idea and during the whole month of July, we’d like to take 10% off your total bill when you bring in your own containers to fill up at Loose Produce. Whilst you’re at it, bring your own coffee cup from the 27th to the 31st of July and we’ll fill it up with our tasty coffee for just 2 bux!

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